Deposit of $150 holds your place. -> Click to pay now!  

*Tier one pricing runs from March 3rd to April 3rd, 2019 from $1250 to $2595 per person (£1101 or €2270)  

*Tier two pricing runs from April 3rd to May 3rd, 2019 from $1500 to $3300 per person (£1323 or €2910)  

Balance Due after Deposit, If paid in full before April 3rd you will receive Tier One pricing. If paid after April 4th, the balance due will be Tier Two pricing. If you have arranged a payment plan the date of the first payment will be the tiered total price you pay.

Payment due in Full 30-days before Shasta (May 6th, 2019). If full payment not received by May 6th, your space will be released to our wait list with your $150 deposit forfeit. 

Cancelations made before May 6th will be refunded in full, cancelations made after May 6th will be allowed to transfer funds towards another retreat or tansfer space to another retreat goer. 

POLICIES Project Breaking Free is dedicated to creating a safe and healing environment for our Participants and Practitioners.  

For this reason, respectful and healthy boundaries of behavior are of paramount importance. While we encourage open communication, Practitioners are represented as leaders and knowledgeable in their fields. As such, they maintain a high duty of care towards all attendees in any communication, interaction or event. Any advice from a Practitioner is their own opinion and shall not be considered medical advice or counsel of any nature. Any such advice or opinion does not necessarily represent the opinion or policy of Breaking Free Productions. Practitioners are not permitted to violate Participants boundaries including those of intimacy, whether verbal or physical.  

Practitioners’ contact information is available to Participants at the events. Outside of the event, Practitioners are not permitted to contact, market, or maintain a relationship with a Participant unless such interaction is initiated by the Participant. This ensures that Participants are protected against unwanted communications from Practitioners.  

If a Participant initiates contact with a Practitioner, however, Breaking Free Productions is not liable for any future interactions that occur and does not endorse any future services of the Practitioner. It bears repeating that any and all communications during an event are Confidential and Practitioners can not share or disclose any information that a Participant may deem confidential unless a written waiver is obtained from the Participant prior to any disclosure.  

In closing, we remain grateful to the Community created at the Mt. Shasta’s event and look forward to its continued growth and blossoming. Breaking Free Productions is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment at its events to further nurture this Community’s growth.  




Q) 7am is quite early to start yoga for me is that something we have to attend? A) I will give you the short and long answer.  

Short – this is your experience… if you need to sleep for 10 hours straight after you get intense sessions or want to sleep until noon joining us at lunch, we encourage you to trust your body and what you need honoring that intuitive call. (so yes!)  

Long – we have jam packed this experience to make the most of each facilitators special attributes knowing that it will guide the guest through an amazing journey of self-discovery. Every detail has been customized to serve the greater perspective of BREKING FREE for the experiencer. The schedule has been maliciously customized and refined to create those break out moments. We understand each individual will have special needs and therefore have a fantastic staff of facilitators to assist any time something comes up. We hope each retreat goer will listen and trust their body also exploring new ways to awaken.  

Q) On the two travel days where and how far are we traveling to? A) Travel day explained:  

June 5 arrival day means you check in by 4pm. So arrange your travel plans to make it to Stewart Mineral Springs by 4pm because we have activities planned at the property starting that afternoon.  

June 9th departure day means check out is at noon and we have morning activities planned up until that time so make your travel plans accordingly to depart us around noon and then (drive/fly/travel) back home.  

Q) Can I book extra nights at Stewart Mineral Springs? A) Mount Shasta books quickly during the summer months. If you are trying to book extra days around your travel, please register and notify us quickly as we may be able to secure you room days before or after your arrival at a discounted rate. Of course this is only if there is availability at the property so time is of the essence on this one. We suggest you place the $150 deposit hold while we arrange your extended stay before travel is arranged. (email now -> if you are questioning this option)

Q) Can another person who is not participating in the retreat come along and stay in my room? A) Stewart Mineral Springs has a no pet no children policy. That being said we prefer that this be a closed campus during the retreat, meaning we wish to create a very connected, sacred space for all on property while going through this experience. We prefer that only people who are participating in the retreat stay at the venue this way we all stay in the pocket of intention we create and hold for the entire experience with no outside distractions. 

Q) What if I don't want some things to be filmed? Do I still have to sign the waiver? A) You have complete authority to relay which items you do not want mentioned or to air, this will have to include a bit of trust as the waiver is standard for filming to protect the film from getting sued by participants for being shown... Saying that our team is very hyper aware of the delicate process for which all attendees will be going through. Executive Producer, Jennifer Jordon will be selecting 4 main participants to be documented through the entire process, all others will be secondary (some interviews / shown in passing), but not full personal story disclosed. She will be in contact with those who she wishes to highlight fully and any specific details could be addressed in that conversation as well. 

Q) What happens off site and with food during those dedicated hours? A) The schedule posted is a lose schedule for the retreat. Every hour has been scheduled for each day with sessions and activities. There are going to be more update for the public view once we finalize information with our private chef working the retreat. That being said the “time” allocated to the trips is to include bus time (depending on location - which will be decided the day of the retreat by Mountain Native, Johnny Dame) we could need to bus for 20-min to 1.5hours. There is also time allocated at each spot for sessions and hike/explore time. Depending on the day/location we may have up to two off site lunch’s. More info on the delicious lunches will be coming soon. 

Q) I am kind of personal, what can I expect during filming? A) The documentary will be used in different ways. Film festivals, on subscription networks. The producer Jennifer Jordon is very conscious of what everyone will be going through. She is selecting four individuals to highlight in depth during this retreat (which she will contact directly) and discuss the goals. Everyone else could be seen as a back ground character which means you will only be seen as a group participant. There may be interviews or feedback spots, but those you have control over. She will work with making sure everyone is captured in a way that suites their desired “spotlight” and you may also request not to be on camera.