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READY TO LEARN HOW TO READ A PERSONS CHAKRA FIELD? Learn to read for yourself and others when you start the course

IS YOUR HEART CHAKRA HYPO-SLOW MOVING? -Poor Memory -Unworthy of Self Love -Lonely, Isolated -Inability to forget, Holds Judgment -Resentment, Lack of Empathy because you don't want to Feel -Anti-Social, Removed  

IS YOUR HEART CHAKRA HYPER-FAST MOVING? -Needy, Possessive -Gives to Much, Poor Boundaries -Co-Dependent, Jealous -Emotionally Unstable, Cries a lot -Protective  

IS YOUR HEART CHAKRA BALANCED? -Loving, Compassionate, Empathetic -Accepting, Happy, Non-Judgmental -Can Forgive & &orget -Pure Joy  


HOW DID YOU IDENTIFY... HYPER? -Its time to receive. OMG this is going to be a hard one. Next time someone gives you a compliment (OWN IT) haha. Ok if your not ready to say, "damn straight" to their compliment at least say something like..."thanks for noticing" when someone tells you how good you look. Oh yes, and second you must look them in the eyes when you respond. HYPO? - It's time to dig deep into the email or phone contacts list. Pick three people you haven't talked to for a few (months...or years!) and send an email, DM, or text. Keep it short and sweet. I though about you the other day and wanted to say HI. Hope you are well and just wanted to send some good vibes your way and let you know I was thinking about you. Hope our paths cross soon. My Best... BALANCED? - NAILED IT! Congrats!!