77 Windows to the Soul

77 Windows to the Soul

 Opening Pathways to Illumination


...What to Expect...

Classic publishing is OUT! The new age book has arrived! Read, Experience, and Play with what you are learning. Download chapters and move through exercises all at your own pace. 

This is a full MINI course due to its structure. You will journey through the classic methodology of linear Chakra Theory which will take you right up to a new multidimensional approach.

The book, course and intention behind this work is to have you experience an authentic love for self that will have you so deeply connected to your purpose that nothing will be able to separate you from the truth of you.

An added benefit of working through the chakra system is that you will have greater perspective over not only your path, but the paths of the people who intertwin with yours. Call it heightened development of those intuitive hunches!

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